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To organize a special session, you need to select the conference name, and select a topic of your session that fits within the scope of the special session. Please send your session title, summary for it, your cv to the email of the conference that you are interested in it.

The conference will list the session on the web. The session chair will manage the publicity of his/her session and the reviewing of it jointly with us. It is expected that each session will attract 6 registered papers. The session chair will get a free registration for one of his papers if the special session got 6 registered papers. If you special session attracts 12 registered papers, then you will get 3 free nights hotel.

The submission and the reviewing process for the papers of the sessions will be managed jointly between the chair and the conference. The chair can take the responsibility of the reviewing with the help of other researchers. However, the conference must get all the reviewing reports at the end.

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