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About this Journal,

IJNCAAThe SDIWC International Journal of New Computer Architectures and Their Applications (IJNCAA):  is a refereed online journal designed to address the following  topics: new computer architectures, digital resources, and mobile devices, including cell  phones. In our opinion, cell phones in their current state are really computers, and the gap  between these devices and the capabilities of the computers will soon disappear. Original  unpublished manuscripts are solicited in the areas such as computer architectures, parallel  and distributed systems, microprocessors and microsystems, storage management,  communications management, reliability, and VLSI.


 One of the most important aims of this journal is to increase the usage and impact of knowledge as well as increasing the visibility and ease of  use of scientific materials, IJNCAA does NOT CHARGE authors for any publication fee for online publishing of their materials in the journal and does NOT CHARGE readers or their institutions for accessing the published materials.