Title: The Development and Evaluation of a Twitter-based Course Support System

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 41-46
Authors: Hiroyuki Hisamatsu
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Education Technologies (CSCEET2015)
- Malaysia


In this paper, we develop and evaluation of a course support system based on the principles of self-determination theory. Specifically, this system was developed to maintain and enhance student motivation by targeting variables that increase intrinsic motivation. We anticipated that the system would provide learners with support by enabling them to exchange opinions and ask questions freely using Twitter. Moreover, we expected that students would easily connect with their classmates using the same system. Since it is known that motivation increases when individuals sense that they are connected and related to others, we by extension predicted that student motivation would develop as students interacted and exchanged opinions. The support system was utilized in two programming courses, and evaluated by analyzing students’ tweets. Results of the analysis revealed that the system fostered relatedness among participants and motivation.