Title: Sleep Stage Classification: Scalability Evaluations of Distributed Approaches

Year of Publication: Jul - 2016
Page Numbers: 113-117
Authors: Serife Açikalin, Süleyman Eken, Ahmet Sayar
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData2016)
- Turkey


Processing and analyzing of massive clinical data are resource intensive and time consuming with traditional analytic tools. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the major technologies in detecting and diagnosing various brain disorders, and produces huge volume big data to process. In this study, we propose a big data framework to diagnose sleep disorders by classifying the sleep stages from EEG signals. The framework is developed with open source SparkMlib Libraries. We also tested and evaluated the proposed framework by measuring the scalabilities of well-known classification algorithms on physionet sleep records.