Title: Proposed Platform IPHCS for Predictive Analysis in Healthcare System by Using Big Data Techniques

Year of Publication: Jul - 2016
Page Numbers: 74-81
Authors: Basma Boukenze, Hajar Mousannif, Abdelkrim Haqiq
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData2016)
- Turkey


The great growth use of new information technology such as mobile application, cloud computing, big data analytics impacted all sectors. This is particularly true for healthcare system as an important sector, Nowadays Healthcare industry depends mainly on Information technology to provide best services. And that promise the healthcare area a big change especially in front of the explosion of medical data sources by the appearance of e-health, m-health and data analysis especially data mining techniques. We can say that a big-data revolution is under way in health care and Start with the vastly increased supply of health data. And that push us to apply these new technologies to get of their advantages and improve the medical sector. This paper will present the proposed platform which combines big-data analysis with data-mining and the mobile healthcare for self-monitoring. This system will be able to exploit the healthcare data through an intelligent process analysis and big data processing; in order to extract useful knowledge to helping in decision making and ensure a medical monitoring in real-time.