Title: Forensic Investigation on Whatsapp Web Using Framework Integrated Digital Forensic Investigation Framework Version 2

Issue Number: Vol. 7, No. 4
Year of Publication: Dec - 2018
Page Numbers: 410-419
Authors: Bery Actoriano, Imam Riadi
Journal Name: International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF)
- Hong Kong
DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17781/P002480


WhatsApp Web is a computer-based extension connected to WhatsApp on smartphones. The handling of crime cases on computers or smartphones has four main stages, namely preparation, Case Place Event, examination of evidence in the digital forensics laboratory and the report of digital evidence as the application of Integrated Digital Forensic Investigation Framework Version 2 which is a model for the investigation process of digital evidence and claimed to have complete stages and can accommodate all stages in the process of cybercrime investigation. In this study using procedures that can be used as a reference to conducting a WhatsApp Web forensic investigation to obtain and process evidence proof and analysis of digital evidence in the form of WhatsApp databases contained in the laptop and Smartphone directories, in order to obtain information to strengthen evidence of crime cases of can be presented in court in the form of analytical results of digital evidence so that it can be understood.