Title: Education Method for Simultaneous Achievement of Safety and Security in the IoT Era

Year of Publication: Dec - 2017
Page Numbers: 1-6
Authors: Nyambayar Davaadorj, Yuitaka Ota, Akihiro Tsuchiya and Ichiro Koshijima
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF2017)
- Greece


The manufacturing industry is obligated to ensure its employees' health and safety. However, employees in a manufacturing plant are exposed to constant safety hazards. Therefore, ensuring worker safety in the plant is difficult. Moreover, the manufacturing industry in recent times has adopted control systems for plant management. Therefore, it is imperative to respond to the threat of cyber-attacks in a production environment. Hence, simultaneously safeguarding the control system against cyber-attacks and ensuring the safety of employees is necessary. However, the safety of employees and cyber-security are dealt with independently by the production safety division and the IT security division, respectively. Such a scenario may lead to a delayed response in case of an emergency and may increase the seriousness of the damage caused. Therefore, in this paper, a PDCA cycle that combines safety and security in the IoT era is presented, and an educational method is proposed that Safety-II and Security-II implementation together.