Issue Number: Vol. 2, No. 1
Year of Publication: Jan - 2012
Page Numbers: 183-192
Authors: Mohammad Reza Abbasy, Pourya Nikfard, Ali Ordi, Mohammad Reza Najaf Torkaman
Journal Name: International Journal of New Computer Architectures and their Applications (IJNCAA)
- Hong Kong


Proposing an algorithm by using software point of view for the purpose of implementing data hiding based on DNA sequences to increase the complexity is the main target of this paper. The implementation of algorithm is applicable because of some interesting characteristics of DNA sequences. Both of DNA‟s features and Binary Coding Technology beside Complementary Pairing Rules are explained through the paper. Since, both of a secret message (M) and DNA reference sequence is needed. Data hiding is started by applying three different and separate steps to prepare M´´´. The receiver will apply the process of identifying and extracting the original message (M) which had been hidden in DNA reference sequence. As the security of the algorithm is crucial part, it will appear in security issue‟s section.