Title: Design, Implementation and Trial Evaluation of a Visual Computer Simulator by JavaScript

Year of Publication: Nov - 2016
Page Numbers: 158-164
Authors: Kazuki Higashikakiuchi, Yoshiro Imai, Koji Kagawa, Kazuaki Ando, Yusuke Kawakami, Tetsuo Hattori
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2016)
- Japan


Computer system has been evolving rapidly. Inside of such a computer system becomes complicated and difficult for beginners to understand easily because it is invisible like a blackbox. We have been thinking that one of the solutions is and will be to explain graphically its inside and demonstrate its behavior for beginners to learn effectively and efficiently. In this study, we have developed another kind of visual computer simulator with JavaScript, and then evaluated it in our classroom lecture by questionnaires for its users. The first half of this paper describes design and implementation of our visual computer simulator in Javascript. Its second one illustrates method of its usage and results of questionnaire for it after manipulation. It is con- firmed that our visual computer simulator has been evaluated to be efficient for learning of computer.