Title: Combined DCT-Haar Transforms for Image Compression

Issue Number: Vol. 8, No. 2
Year of Publication: Jun - 2018
Page Numbers: 110-117
Authors: Mireille Saliba, Rachelle Farah, Issam Dagher
Journal Name: International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (IJDIWC)
- Hong Kong
DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17781/P002416


Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Haar wavelet transform are very important transforms in image compression. While DCT works extremely well for highly correlated data, the Haar transform gives superior results for images exhibiting rapid gradient variations. The objective of this paper is to combine the advantages of these 2 transforms into one transform in order to get better peak-signal-to-noise-ratio (PSNR) while keeping good compression ratio. Following the JPEG, our first approach was to apply separately on each 8x8 block the Haar and the DCT transforms. A signaling bit along the transform that gave better PSNR is transmitted. This approach gave better PSNR than each one separately. Our second approach was to construct a new hybrid transform which is a combination of these 2 transforms. We mixed both DCT and Haar transforms into one transform. We derived the new transform coding formulas. We applied our hybrid transform on each block obtained. Results show that our approach outperforms the existing DCT and Haar methods, keeps good quality of the image even for high compression ratios, gives a higher PSNR than DCT for the same compression ratio, and permits better edge recovery than the Haar transform.