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The Second International Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation (ICGCTI2014)

  • Effect of Online Purchased Goods Delivery Service on Environment

    Home delivery service is an essential service for online purchased goods. The need for reliable delivery system becoming necessary, especially in developing countries where e-shopping still in its ...
    Authors: Ahmad Nabot, Vanja Garaj
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 1-7 | ICGCTI2014
  • Turbo Code verses Convolutional Code

    Shannon and Hamming in 1949 have given a powerful techniques for achieving reliable data transmission using coding techniques. In this paper, we analyze the performance of two coding techniques, ...
    Authors: Yousef Hwegy, Manal Saad
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 8-11 | ICGCTI2014
  • Making Green IT “Alive” at TVET Institution of Malaysia

    Global warming and climate change were the phenomenons that were caused by a lot of emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) at the atmosphere. IT is one of the sector that was contributed at least 3% of ...
    Authors: Norazila Samuri
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 12-18 | ICGCTI2014
  • Prototyping Core Software of Energy Management System for Smart Campus with Advanced Software Engineering Methods

    Activities for sustainability are also important in university campus. Many universities are trying to make their campuses sustainable and smart. Energy management systems play an important role in ...
    Authors: Shigeru KUSAKABE, Hsin-Hung LIN, Yoichi OMORI and Keijiro ARAKI
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 19-25 | ICGCTI2014
  • Must Flow Dryer for Rough Rice

    Rice is one of important global food supply. It also play important role in Thai economic. However, the value of rice depends on many factors. Rough rice drying process is very important, time ...
    Authors: Mustafa Yapha, Pracha Bunyawanichakul and Nifahmee Hayinilah
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 26-30 | ICGCTI2014
  • Green Relay Mechanisms Using Shape Memory Alloys

    Abstract—Green Design Mechanisms are becoming more common as the needs for cheaper and efficient energy management systems are increasing by the day. Due to habits such as overcharging devices or ...
    Authors: Arbaaz Khan
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 31-36 | ICGCTI2014
  • SIC-based Channel Estimation for LTE UE

    This paper presents an improved channel estimation based on successive interference cancellation (SIC) for a multi-cell channel environment. The proposed SICbased channel estimation reduces ...
    Authors: Jin Kwan Kim, Sang Kyu Park and Hichan Moon
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 37-41 | ICGCTI2014
  • NuCarpool - Real-Time Dynamic Carpooling App for Mauritius using Push Service

    Following the launch of, that is a website that provides carpooling services in Mauritius, we decided to add to it, by developing a Mobile Application that will reduce the use of ...
    Authors: Aatish Chiniah, Gopala Palanee and Roubina Pyanee
    Year Published: Mar. 2014 | 42-46 | ICGCTI2014