Title: Application of Stochastic Simulations of Biological Networks Under Different Impulsive Scenarios

Year of Publication: Jul - 2016
Page Numbers: 82-91
Authors: Müge Yazici, Vilda Purutçuoglu, Derya Altintan
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Data Mining, Internet Computing, and Big Data (BigData2016)
- Turkey


The impulses are one of the sources of fluctuations which lead to the sharp changes in the biochemical systems such as the changes in epidemic and population models. These effects have been comprehensively studied under deterministic models, whereas, have not been analyzed in stochastic models. Hereby, in this study, we implement these effects in two exact stochastic simulation algorithms, namely, the direct method and the first reaction method under different dimensional systems and impulses scenarios. In the application, we use real systems and apply impulses to the biologically meaningful proteins. Then, we evaluate the performances of both exact methods in terms of computational demand via distinct criteria.