Title: Adoption of Extended RBV Model in Information Systems Technology, Processes and People’s Value Chain in Postal: A Case of Postal Corporation of Kenya

Issue Number: Vol. 9, No. 1
Year of Publication: March - 2019
Page Numbers: 33-43
Authors: Samuel Odoyo Nyiendo, Amos Omamo
Journal Name: International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (IJDIWC)
- Hong Kong
DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17781/P002553


The study reviews the adoption of extendable resources-based view business concept for improved efficiency in postal and courier processes in Kenya. The paper compares service delivery differentiations using modern e-commerce models and Peoples capability maturity approaches. Several theoretical literature reviews in information technology value chain are simulated to match best-practice concepts, methods and procedures that may be useful in redesigning and developing appropriate information systems for transforming the postal and courier in Kenya. Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) recently initiated digital innovations such as: Mpost, Posta eWallet, Posta House Watch, Express Courier (EMS2GO) and the online eNjiwa postal services that place it back on the worldwide track for competitive advantages. PCK networks with Jersey Post and Amazon Web are budding opportunities meant for exploring the competitive edging. However, more than 560 active courier companies have registered with Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) offering alternative solutions. PCK has had difficulties counteracting the inevitable destructive power of the digital information technologies deployed by its competitors. The entry of the new players introduced substitute services in the sector that destabilized the PCK postal business monopolies. The mixed business service delivery value chain offered by the local and multi-national organizations have extremely lowered the revenue base of PCK causing it to resize its staff base due to diminished returns. The research suggests that PCK should adopt extended resource-based view approach for effective courier competitions in the industry.