Issue Number: Vol. 1, No. 2
Year of Publication: Apr - 2015
Page Numbers: 115-120
Authors: Abdallah Abdallah, Abdulwahab L., Bashir S. Galadanci, Mashal Alqudah, Murtala M.
Journal Name: The International Journal of E-Learning and Educational Technologies in the Digital Media (IJEETDM)
- Hong Kong
DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17781/P001711


Agile methods for software engineering has been described as the best for small projects and highly experienced development team. Thus, suggesting that some agile practices requires certain level of expertise and may not be effectively applied by students. Researchers, trainers and institutions are still looking for an appropriate agile method that can be efficiently applied by students and how agility can be achieved in such environment. The objective of this research is to find an appropriate agile method as well as applicable agile concepts, principles and practices that can be suitable for both graduate and undergraduate students’ project. Two software development methods were combined in this study: extreme programming from the agile family and throwaway prototyping from the rapid development methods to come out with an applicable hybrid agile method that can be used by students. The research presented is based on a real time application of certain agile principles and practices in a final software engineering project at Linton University College, Malaysia. As suggested in this research, the hybrid method could guide students in applying agile practices and implementing small and medium scale projects.