Scheduling Complex Real-Time Jobs in the Cloud

Prof. Helen Karatza

Cloud computing attracts significant attention from academia, enterprises and industry, as it offers computational services in a cost-effective way for the end users.
For many years now, cloud computing has been an important research area. Because of the heterogeneity of shared cloud resources and the large variety of applications processed in the cloud, there are many issues that must be considered, such as: performance, resource allocation, scheduling, energy conservation, reliability, availability, cost, quality of service.
Resource allocation and scheduling is important in clouds where there are many alternative resources. The scheduling algorithms must provide a good response time to leasing cost ratio.
One of the major challenges in cloud computing is the effective scheduling of real-time complex jobs, in an energy-efficient manner for the cloud provider. Therefore, adaptive scheduling techniques are required in order to reduce the energy consumption while meeting deadlines.
In this talk we will present recent research covering various concepts on real-time complex jobs scheduling in the cloud, and we will provide future research directions.