You are invited to participate in International Conference on Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering and Technology (ICCGMET2022) that will be held by means of Online Presentation From Now until December 7-8. Paper Submission (English OR in French) is highly appreciated before the first of October 2022.

The conference welcome papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics:
Concrete Engineering Construction Engineering
Durability Environnemental Engineering
Geopolymer Cement Geopolymer Concrete
Geopolymer Concrete Composites Geosynthetics
Infrastructure Projets Intelligent Urbanism
Monitoring Municipal Engineering
Railways Seismic Tomography
Smart Cities And Smart Mobility Sorptivity And Carbonation
Structural Engineering Sustainable Concrete
Sustainable Development Sustainable Urbanism
Urban Design & Urban Engineering Urban Transport Systems
Vulnerability Green Construction & Environnemental Protection
Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Surveying Computing in Civil Engineering
New Technology, Method and Technique in Civil Engineering Structural geology
Measurement conventions Plane, fabric, fold and deformation conventions
Stereographic projections Rock macrostructures
Kinematics Deformational histories
Plate tectonics Environmental geologists and hydrogeologists
Economic geology Petroleum geology
Mining geology Measure methods
Planar features and linear features Orthographic projections
Vectors and tensors Vector products
Orientations of lines & planes Intersection of planes
Spherical projections Rotations
Advances in mining technology and engineering Mining and mineral engineering
Exploration, mine planning/design Materials handling: excavation, haulage, disposal
Mining rock mechanics and mine ground control Mine drainage
Artificial intelligence, knowledge based systems Mine mechanisation, automation, robotics
Reliability, maintenance, overall performance of mining systems Mineral economics, business systems
Risk assessment/management, health/safety Arctic mining technology
Bioleaching Carbon capture and storage
Coal mining Coalbed methane
Deep seabed mining Geographic information systems for mine development
Geotechnical drilling Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
Jet boring (mining) Land reclamation
Leaching Lunar and planetary mining technology
Marine mining Mine mechanization
Mining automation Open-pit mining (monitoring and control)
Prospecting Quarrying
Rare-earth mining Rock burst
Solvation Surface mining
Underground mining Ventilation and climate control of deep mines

All registered papers will be included in SDIWC Digital Library, and in the proceedings of the conference.

The best selected papers will be published in one of the following special issues provided that the author do major improvements and extension within the time frame that will be set by the conference and his/her paper is approved by the chief editor::