SDIWC is devoted to promoting science and technology. SDIWC organizes multidisciplinary conferences for academics and professionals, primarily in the fields of computer software and hardware, networking, and wireless communication. SDIWC holds conferences in both industrialized and developing countries.

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Volunteers are an essential part of SDIWC organization. SDIWC members who volunteer their skills and time take pride in knowing that how they play an important role in an organization dedicated to enhance the quality of life for humans. We encourage you to be a volunteer. There are many aspects that you can help. These include organizing conferences, meetings, and workshops, arranging scientific competitions, or maintaining websites, or any kind of experience that you have and may benefit others. As an SDIWC volunteer, you can take pride in participating in activities that interests you, while expanding your knowledge of SDIWC, gaining valuable management and leadership skills, and connecting with others in your profession. Please email your CV to and your ideas of the help that you would like to get involved in.