Summer School Only

Summer School Only for non-SDIWC members 650 USD
Summer School Only for SDIWC members (you may become SDIWC free of charge by clicking here! ) 450 USD
Summer school and attending to CyberSec2013 conference 700 USD

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Registration fee includes accessing to all summer school materials (slides, videos, and tools), attending all lectures and labs sessions, and 2 coffee breaks and one lunch in each day.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to bring your own laptop equipped with Windows 7 (the specific version does not matter). You can also run Windows 7 in a virtual machine if you prefer. You MUST also download/install VMware Player and BackTrack 5 R2 prior to coming to class! There would be a special system configuration workshop for two hours at the end of first day to make you familiar with needed configuration of VMware Player and BackTrack 5 R2!

NOTE: Do not bring a regular production/daily use laptop for this class! When installing hacking tools, there is always a chance of breaking something else on the system. Candidates should assume that all data could be lost so you may prefer using virtual machines instead.

NOTE: It is critical that candidates have administrator access to the operating system and all security software installed. Changes need to be made to personal firewalls and other host-based software in order for some labs to work.

NOTE: Anti-virus software will need to be disabled in order to install some of the tools during lab sessions.