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Effective Telecom Service Advertisements and Its Influence on Students Buying Behavior in Pakistan

Author/s:  Alina Khan
Pages:  41-57   |   DOI:
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Toward the MOOC Capitalization Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

Author/s:  Yassine AFA, Amal BATTOU and Omar BAZ
Pages:  58-64   |   DOI:
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DrSust: Adaptive Tutoring System to Increase Students’ Engagement in Programming Learning

Author/s:  Nejood Eltegani, Laurie Butgereit
Pages:  65-74   |   DOI:
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Digital Technologies and Digital Strategies to Enhance Musical Knowledge: A Qualitative Case Study

Author/s:  Michele Della Ventura
Pages:  75-82   |   DOI:
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Container-based Virtual Environment for Battle Execution of Round-robin in Applied Java Programming Exercise with Game Strategy and Contest Style

Author/s:  Naoki Hanakawa, Hiroyuki Tominaga
Pages:  83-98   |   DOI: