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Resonant Behavior Analysis of Split-Ring Resonator Due to Positional Change of Dielectric Material

Author/s:  Sanaan Haider, Tahir Ejaz, Muhammad Muneeb ul Hassan, Muhammad Asad
Pages:  11-16   |   DOI:
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Smart switch (SMITCH-LB) for electricity load balancing and optimization

Author/s:  Johny MATAR, Hicham El KHOURY
Pages:  1-6   |   DOI:
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Brian Simulation Using the Leaky Integrate and Fire Neuron for Edge Orientation Detection

Author/s:  Ali Abou Khalil, Hussein Chible, Ali Hamie
Pages:  7-10   |   DOI:
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Performance of earth-water heat exchanger for cooling applications

Author/s:  Hanin Atwany, Mohammad Hamdan, Mousa Attom, Bassam A. Abu-Nabah, Abdul Hai Alami
Pages:  17-21   |   DOI:
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Photocatalytic degradation of phenolic effluents in petroleum refineries

Author/s:  Elias Daher, Clovis Francis, Wael Hamd
Pages:  22-29   |   DOI:
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Design of solar panel intercooled by refrigeration system

Author/s:  Nader A. Nader
Pages:  30-35   |   DOI: