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Refutation of Artificial Intelligence’ Myth "Artificial Intelligence will ultimately replace human employees " (Reality and Fiction)

Author/s:  Arwa Y. Aleryani
Pages:  1-7   /   DOI:
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Improvement of Mitigation Techniques against SYN Flood Attack for Free and Open Source Firewalls

Author/s:  Kosmas Kapis, Davis Nico Kyando
Pages:  8-21   /   DOI:
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Modeling the Traffic Load of Selected Key Parameters for GSM Networks in Nigeria

Author/s:  G.S.M Galadanci, S. B. Abdullahi, A. U. Usman
Pages:  22-32   /   DOI:
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Adoption of Extended RBV Model in Information Systems Technology, Processes and People’s Value Chain in Postal: A Case of Postal Corporation of Kenya

Author/s:  Samuel Odoyo Nyiendo, Amos Omamo
Pages:  33-43   /   DOI:
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A Non-Rigid Force Sense Presentation Method for a Finger-Mounted Type Haptic Device

Author/s:  Koshiro Tsukamoto, Kazuo Ikeshiro, Hiroki Imamura
Pages:  44-49   /   DOI:
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Comparison of Power Law of Street Sections/Blocks in Towns

Author/s:  Yukitaka Kobayashi, Takahiro Suzuki, Mitsuru Usui, Isamu Shioya
Pages:  50-60   /   DOI: