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An Evaluation of RFID Security Systems for Tracking of Parcels in Kenya

Author/s:  Samuel Odoyo Nyiendo, Collins Oduor Ondiek
Pages:  223-231   /   DOI:
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Genetic and Firefly algorithm in Instance and Feature Selection: An Approach for Malware Detection

Author/s:  Ankur Singh Bist
Pages:  232-238   /   DOI:
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E-Government as an Anti-Corruption Tool in Yemen: Citizens Perspective

Author/s:  Ikhlas Alhammadi
Pages:  239-252   /   DOI:
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Geoclimatic Factor K Mapping in Nigeria through Spatial Interpolation

Author/s:  M.O. Olla, I.B. Oluwafemi
Pages:  253-259   /   DOI:
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Radio Resource Allocation in PD-NOMA based HCN System Considering CoMP Technology

Author/s:  Mohammad Moltafet, Ali Mokdad, Paeiz Azmi, Nader Mokari
Pages:  260-264   /   DOI:
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The Growing Effect of Cloud Computing on Technological Innovation: A Decision- Making Framework for Hybrid Managers

Author/s:  Karim Mualla
Pages:  265-279   /   DOI:
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Building a Generic Big Data Analytics Framework for E-commerce in Developing Countries

Author/s:  Christina Albert Rayed Assad
Pages:  280-287   /   DOI:
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Implementation and Analysis of Fully Homomorphic Encryption in Resource-Constrained Devices

Author/s:  Amonrat Prasitsupparote, Yohei Watanabe, Junichi Sakamoto, Junji Shikata, Tsutomu Matsumoto
Pages:  288-303   /   DOI:
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Development of interface of hydroponic culture management system using AR

Author/s:  Masaki Sekimoto, Kazuo Ikeshiro, Hiroki Imamura
Pages:  304-309   /   DOI:
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A Proposal of a 3-Dimensional Object Recognition Method Using Color-SHOT and List Matching

Author/s:  Hiroyuki KUDO, Kazuo IKESHIRO, Hiroki IMAMURA
Pages:  310-320   /   DOI: