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Device-to-Device Communication in 5G: Towards Efficient Scheduling

Author/s:  Jana Fayek , Mohamad Aoude, Mohamad Raad, Raad Raad
Pages:  144-149   /   DOI:
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Energy-Aware Routing for CubeSat Swarms

Author/s:  Mohamed Atef Ali Madni, Raad Raad, Mohamad Raad
Pages:  150-155   /   DOI:
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Resource Sharing in 5G Multi-Operator Wireless Network

Author/s:  Soha Farhat , Abed Ellatif Samhat, Samer Lahoud, Bernard Cousin
Pages:  156-161   /   DOI:
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Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio based on Spatial Diversity

Author/s:  A. Nasser, A. Mansour, K.-C. Yao, H. Assaf and H. Abdallah
Pages:  162-167   /   DOI:
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Simulating Image Communication over Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks Using TOSSIM

Author/s:  Cristian Duran-Faundez, Pablo Saez-Srain, Daniel G. Costa and Gilbert Habib
Pages:  168-173   /   DOI:
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Learning Overcomplete Representations using Leaky Linear Decoders

Author/s:  Sarthak Yadav , Ankur Singh Bist
Pages:  174-179   /   DOI:
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Development of an Access Point Positioning Optimization Algorithm Under the Analysis of SINR and Probability of Connectivity

Author/s:  Twahir Kazema
Pages:  180-188   /   DOI:
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Thermal and Electrical Load Management in Smart Home Based on Demand Response and Renewable Energy Resources

Author/s:  Fady Y. MELHEM, Olivier GRUNDER, Zakaria HAMMOUDAN, Nazih MOUBAYED
Pages:  189-194   /   DOI:
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An Intelligent Routing Protocol Based on DYMO for MANET

Author/s:  Rushdi A. Hamamreh , Omar I. Salah
Pages:  195-202   /   DOI:
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A Conceptual Development Of Cyberpreneurs Intention Among Higher Education Students

Author/s:  Salini Aina Mamat, Zailani Abdullah, Wan Ahmad Amir Zal Wan Ismail, Shahaliza Muhammad, Mat Redhuan bin Samsudin
Pages:  203-208   /   DOI:
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A Policy-based Mechanism for restricting Execution of malicious apps in Android Smartphone

Author/s:  Sanjeev Kumar Dwivedi, K.Muthumanickam, Ankur Singh Bist,Dr.P.C.Senthil Mahesh
Pages:  209-213   /   DOI:
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An Energy-Efficient Clustering Routing Protocol for WSN based on MRHC

Author/s:  Rushdi A. Hamamreh, Moath M. Haji, Ahmad A. Qutob
Pages:  214-222   /   DOI: