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A Low Phase Noise Multi-Gigahertz Ring based Voltage-Controlled-Oscillator in 0.13 um CMOS Technology

Author/s:  Hussein Bazzi, Mohammad AbouChanine, Mostafa Assaf, Adnan Harb
Pages:  81-84   /   DOI:
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Soft Fault Diagnosis in Wire Networks Using Time Reversal Concept and Subspace Methods

Author/s:  Moussa Kafal, Jaume Benoit, Andrea Cozza, and Lionel Pichon
Pages:  85-89   /   DOI:
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Efficient Navigation System of Mobile Robot with Thermography Image Processing System and Mapping of Quadcopter

Author/s:  Moustafa M. Kurdi , Michael M. Tatur, Alex K. Dadykin, Imad Elzein
Pages:  90-95   /   DOI:
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Hybrid Power Generation: Thermal Power and Photovoltaic Units in Lebanon

Author/s:  Hassan Amine Osseily
Pages:  96-100   /   DOI:
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Classification of Contrast Ultrasound Images: Improvement of the GMM Using Gaussian Filter

Author/s:  Bilal Ghazal, Maha Khachab, Christian Cachard, Denis Friboulet, and Chafic Mokbel
Pages:  101-105   /   DOI:
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Wide Range Analog CMOS Multiplier for Neural Network Application

Author/s:  Hassan Jouni, Adnan Harb, Gilles Jacquemod, Yves Leduc
Pages:  106-109   /   DOI:
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Combined DCT-Haar Transforms for Image Compression

Author/s:  Mireille Saliba, Rachelle Farah, Issam Dagher
Pages:  110-117   /   DOI:
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A Study of Multi-Operator Resource Sharing using Markov Chain Model

Author/s:  Soha Farhat, Ali Chour, and Abed Ellatif Samhat
Pages:  118-123   /   DOI:
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A Study on Priority-based Centralized TDMA Slot Scheduling Algorithm for Vehicular Ad hoc NETworks

Author/s:  Mohamed Hadded , Anis Laouiti
Pages:  124-128   /   DOI:
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Low Noise Power Amplifier in 28-nm UTBB FDSOI Technology with Forward Body Bias

Author/s:  Adnan Harb, Ali Mohsen, Nathalie Deltimple and Abraham Serhane
Pages:  129-132   /   DOI:
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QoS/QoE Based Handover Decision in Multi-Tier LTE Networks

Author/s:  Malak Sadik, Nadine Akkari, Ghadah Aldabbagh
Pages:  133-138   /   DOI:
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Trust Model for Group Leader Selection in VANET

Author/s:  Hamssa Hasrouny, Abed Ellatif Samhat, Carole Bassil, Anis Laouiti
Pages:  139-143   /   DOI: