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Enterprise Architecture Development – Implications for a Seamless Government: A Case Study

Author/s:  Oduronke T. Eyitayo
Pages:  1-12   /   DOI:
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SWOT Analysis for Adopting of Big Data in the Higher Education Institutions (Yemen)

Author/s:  Arwa Y. Aleryani
Pages:  13-26   /   DOI:
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Design a Petri Net Model for a Smart Hospital System

Author/s:  Sasan Harifi , Alireza Nikravanshalmani
Pages:  41-46   /   DOI:
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Eigen frequencies and directivity patterns of a spherical acoustic transducer

Author/s:  D. Diab, F. Lefebvre, G. Nassar, N. Smagin, A. Naja, F. El Omar
Pages:  47-51   /   DOI:
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Baselining: A Critical Approach Used for Soft Fault Detection in Wire Networks

Author/s:  Moussa Kafal, Jaume Benoit
Pages:  52-57   /   DOI:
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Speaker Identification Based On Vocal Cords Vibrations signal: Effect Of The Window

Author/s:  Dany Ishac, Antoine Abche, Elie Karam, Georges Nassar, Dorothee Callens
Pages:  58-62   /   DOI:
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A Binary Sparse Signal Pruning Recovery Algorithm

Author/s:  Elie Atallah
Pages:  63-69   /   DOI:
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Applying Partial Reconfiguration Technique on ARM-FPGA Systems in Context of Vertical Handover in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks

Author/s:  Mohamad Al-Fadl Rihani, Mohamad Mroue, Jean-Christophe Prevotet, Fabienne Nouvel, and Yasser Mohanna
Pages:  70-74   /   DOI:
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Multiobjective Predictive Control for Three-Level NPC Grid Connected Converter

Author/s:  L. Riachy, H. Alawieh, Y. Azzouz, B. Dakyo
Pages:  75-80   /   DOI: