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SDIWC conducted conferences in more than 30 different countries around the world. If you are interested in hosting SDIWC conferences or if you want to organize your own conference, then SDIWC is the right place for you. Many reasons behind this, are the following:

  • SDIWC will cover all the cost including food, bags, keynote speakers, etc.
  • SDIWC takes care of everything including website, reviewing and emails.
  • High number of website visitors. Our website is ranked top 4% in terms of the number of visitors, worldwide.
  • The strong network that SDIWC has and the size of its database (more than 100,000 Ph.D And IT experts).
  • The experience that SDIWC staff have. SDIWC tries to do almost everything from A..Z. This includes website, prepare proceedings, publicity, etc.
  • Please send email to
Select the conference you want to host, and the dates you want.
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