WORKSHOP on Biofuel
by Tarek-Antoine Rahi and Nader Kabbara, Lebanese American University, Lebanon


The purpose of this workshop is to present why should biofuel be a proposed solution for to decrease dependency on fossil fuel worldwide. The increasing demand of energy actually causes a lot of problems, such as greenhouse effect which is a result of the huge amount of pollutant gases emitted mainly due to the increasing industrial usage. Biofuels are mainly nowadays made of crops such as corn and soybean. Researchers are improving the quality of biofuels and efficiency by using organic waste and genetic engineering. On the other hand, some may argue that biofuel is a main contributor in food price increase and therefore it causes more poverty and malnourishment and poverty in worldwide. On peer-reviewed research articles, this workshop will show that biofuel is one of the good energy alternatives for the future because of its renewability and inexhaustibility..