5G: Will we make it by 2020?
by: Prof. Merouane Debbah


Targeted for 2020, 5G will take the eco-system to a whole new level. New applications, new business models and even new industries will spring up around 5G. With 5G, we can expect our high speed connections to extend into our vehicles, into our things, with fewer interruptions and new ways of working or remote working starting to take off. If we look at some of the goals of 5G versus where we are today, we can see the gap that has to be bridged over the next few years. The goal of 1ms latency is nearly 50x better than current LTE systems. In order to go from 100Mbps per user to 10Gbps, we need 100x the throughput per connection. The current 10,000 connections per square kilometer needs to increase to 1Million connections which is a 100x increase in density. Reliable communications today with LTE top can sustain 350km/h and we expect to bring that up by 1.5x to 500km/h . Finally the current core networks and backhaul/front-haul are inflexible with wasted pools of bandwidth. The introduction of SDN/NFV will allow much better ability to chop up and virtualize the network resources for lower operational costs and capital costs and much greater flexibility. In this talk, we will briefly describe the candidate 5G technologies and provide a look at the actual worldwide standardization process.