Title: What about Mathematics with Using ICT in Education

Year of Publication: Sep - 2018
Page Numbers: 1-9
Authors: Jacek Stando, Jan Guncaga and Beatrix Bacova
Conference Name: The Seventh International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2018)
- Poland


Many pupils and students at primary, secondary schools and universities have a non-adequate attitude to mathematics. Their imaginations and attitudes are on the scale from high admiration to rejection of mathematics as such. We suppose that the problem is not in mathematics itself but in the way and art of its teaching. In our paper, we try to find answers to following questions: What is the significance of mathematics for the human life and how is this significance presented in education? What role does this teaching mathematics have in human life? Where is it possible to meet mathematics? Is some lesson of mathematics for each of us only one of the lessons, which we must to stay someway? Using ICT in education can help by the solving of these questions.