Title: Users' Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Context using Natural Language Processing

Year of Publication: Jun - 2014
Page Numbers: 103-111
Authors: Nitish Bhardwaj , Anupam Shukla2, Pradip Swarnakar3
Conference Name: The International Conference on Digital Information, Networking, and Wireless Communications (DINWC2014)
- Czech Republic


The main goal of this research work is to model a natural language processing toolkit to infer users’ sentiment analysis for study of feedback about a product, person or thing using the means of social media interactions. A complete discussion on the mechanism behind the data gathering using social networking channels has been made in this research as well as a small account on the design of natural language processing toolkit has been also given. To demonstrate the validation and applicability of the end application, the proposed methodology will be implemented with input sets obtained from live users’ interactions on social media and feeding them to a natural language model for observation. In this research, we will also check the validity of the result obtained comparing the results obtained by polls survey and by natural language model.