Title: Towards Specification Formalisms for Data Warehousing Requirements Elicitation Techniques

Year of Publication: Dec - 2017
Page Numbers: 45-58
Authors: Isaac N Mbala, John A. van der Poll
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Computing Technology and Information Management (ICCTIM2017)
- Greece


Various studies have demonstrated that, often data warehouse projects miss to meet with the business objectives and business requirements of the target company. Many of these projects fail to recognize the importance of comprehensive requirements elicitation and subsequent specification phases. The requirements executed during these phases of definition are incomplete or incoherent, leading to incorrect specifications. In this paper we present the challenge of data warehousing projects failure and propose a methodology of requirements engineering for the specification of data warehousing requirements. Our approach leans towards a hybrid-driven technique for requirements analysis for data warehouse systems. Formalisms for requirements elicitation are proposed, followed by formal specification in Z.