Title: Toward Forensics Aware Web Design: Case Study: Low Fare Local Hajj Booking Web Services

Year of Publication: Nov - 2015
Page Numbers: 10-20
Authors: Khalid Al-Shalfan
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Digital Security and Forensics (DigitalSec2015)
- South Africa


Muslims, who would like to subscribe in the Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca) have to register in the Hajj Ministry or agency in their countries, in order to book Hajj permit for organization and security reasons. The Saudi government, organizes the registration of Hajj via a set of web services that enables the registration on the Low Fare Local Hajj (LFLH) program. Hajj registration system includes several observations and errors related to forensics requirements preservation especially the identity and privacy and therefore, if an electronic evidence is required for investigation matter, it will not be admissible or at least admissible with low proven power. In this paper, we apply Fi4SOA framework to the LFLH real motivating example. First, in design phase, we depicts and extract forensics and business requirements of LFLH example. In addition, we establish the SABSA matrix including all requirements, strategic, and physical operations. Secondly, in run time phase, we translate some LFLH rules and events into TESLA rules and events and shows how to infer them and detect any forensics or business malfeasance