Title: Tools to Improve Quality of Life and Well-being of the Elderly and Family Members Case Study: New Zealand

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 1-12
Authors: Nattanun Siricharoen
Conference Name: The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015)
- Malaysia


In this study, researchers wanted to know information concerning satisfaction in using tools to improve quality of life and wellbeing of the elderly and family members from research informants in Auckland, New Zealand, to use the discoveries as a new body of knowledge and case studies for use as guidelines in comparative research on this subject in Thailand. The study concluded that most informants used a smartphone as a communications device, mostly using the application Wiper, followed by Facebook, Skype, email, SnapChat, Instagram and LINE in that order, for general communication with their friends, and used techniques of communication on health with elderly by using Click to Share content which was seen to be connected with preventing and solving health problems which might arise. However, they did not dare to give direct advice as they thought they did not have adequate knowledge, so this should be the duty of health specialist.