Title: Thinning Round-robin with Rating Index and Virtual Environment for Battle in Applied Java Programming Exercise with Game Strategy and Contest Style

Year of Publication: Jul - 2017
Page Numbers: 85-96
Authors: Naoki Hanakawa, Hiroyuki Tominaga
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2017)
- Japan


We have proposed an applied Java programming exercise with board-game strategy for problem solving learning. During implementation of hand methods of Gogo game, students learn realization of ideas as algorithms and revision with trial and error by execution results. We have developed support system WinG. WinG-LA is a local review tool. It offers a game execution library as Java API and contains four modules for examination of a strategy. WinG-CS is a contest management server. It executes a lot of games among uploaded students' programs. It maintains a preliminary and the final period for battle league. They decide students' scores by the result of round-robin matching. We performed an educational practice in 2011. In this paper, we describe about improvement of WinG-CS and exercise practices. We introduce virtual environment into server for efficiency. We also reconfigure database.