Title: The Implementation of a Filestream based English Language Learning System

Year of Publication: 2015
Page Numbers: 39-47
Authors: Asma Tawil, Mohamed Mhereeg
Conference Name: The International Technology Management Conference (ITMC2015)
- Turkey


The paper discusses the feasibility of constructing a SQL Server FILESTREAM based English Language Learning System (ELLS). The paper focuses on the Implementation phase of the system. It explains the prospect of storing and managing unstructured data (e.g. Images, video, Word, Excel, PDF, MP3, etc) for educational purposes utilizing FILESTREAM technique provided by SQL Server 2012, and explains how to maintain efficient storage and access to BLOB data. However, Storing unstructured data posed many challenges, such as how to maintain transactional consistency between the structured and unstructured data, how to manage backup, restore, and storage performance. The paper seeks to utilize the combination of SQL Server 2012 features and the NTFS (New Technology File System) to improve the efficiency and performance of the ELLS system for children. The system also seeks to maintain the transactional consistency between the unstructured data and corresponding structured data. Furthermore, the system allows the user to customize some operations such as creating, updating and deleting photos, videos or audios in the database. The system supports some maintenance operations such as backup, restore, and consistency checking.