Title: The Impact of Privacy Policy 'Emphasizing differences-Layout' on User Information Recognition and Satisfaction

Year of Publication: Jul - 2015
Page Numbers: 245-249
Authors: Seyoon Ma, Sunoon Jeong, You-Chin Park
Conference Name: The Fourth International Conference on Informatics & Applications (ICIA2015)
- Japan


Recently, the threat of personal information leakage is growing, so the importance of legal duty of privacy policy is getting attention as well. As government makes indication of privacy policy on every website and information object is getting interested in management of their personal information, the readability of privacy policy is still an unsolved issue. Therefore, propose methods of presenting a privacy policy newly, find out how it impacts on the recognition, information understandability, and satisfaction. This study is configured to respond on one method of two privacy policies of full-text method and difference-highlighted method. The result shows that the difference-highlighted method was significantly high for the recognition and understandability, and was no difference between the two methods for the Satisfaction. Theoretical implications of this study were measured by suggesting improvements that combined the cognitive load conditions on the privacy policy study, and was focused on the precise content delivery. Practical implications are that will be able to contribute to derive the user’s attention to the privacy policy and make the information subjects try to protect themselves, and that tried to faithfully adhere to laws with accurate information delivery also. Furthermore, there is a significance that will try to increase the memorizing and understanding by reducing the cognitive load with an emphasis on differentiated content of each web site.