Title: The Effectiveness of Technology-Mediation on Learning Second Foreign Language - A Case Study of Vocational College Students

Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 40-43
Authors: Hsiu-Ching Shih
Conference Name: The International Conference on E-Technologies and Business on the Web (EBW2013)
- Thailand


The aim of this study is to explore the impact of technology-mediation courses into Japanese learning effect. The subjects are vocational college students. The study used quasiexperimental design, whether to import e-pen and internet learning strategies in accordance with the Japanese curriculum. There was a pretest and posttest on Japanese vocabulary and conversation. We found that technology-mediation, for those college students, both the e-pen and the internet can enhance the learning achievements of Japanese. The result of this study shows that e-pen can promote the capability of vocabulary and conversation; however, internet learning is more useful to increase vocabulary ability. Comparing the score difference of four groups after the tests; it indicates that either e-pen or the combination of e-pen and internet learning can help students to get better scores than the other group without any technologymediation tools. Moreover, the groups without using e-pen are not as good as the e-pen users in conversation test, which is one of the interesting results of this study.