Title: The Challenges in Implementing Risk Management for Information Technology Projects

Year of Publication: Nov - 2013
Page Numbers: 309-316
Authors: Amine Nehari Talet , Razali Mat-Zin, Maaradj Houari
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Informatics Engineering & Information Science (ICIEIS2013)
- Malaysia


IT projects are characterized by high degrees of risk. The rapid speed of transformation in information technologies combines changes in business processes to create surprising shifts in cost, the cost benefit relationship, and the feasibility of doing specific things in particular ways. The risks faced by IT projects are not, in essence, financial risks. By understanding these fundamental problems in real terms, rather than through their financial impact, IT project managers can move more quickly to resolve issues before they become major problems that threaten the goals of the project. This paper will focus on the challenges experienced when executing risk management processes in information technology projects. The lack of knowledge management support for risk management processes has caused many project failures in the past.