Year of Publication: 2013
Page Numbers: 14-20
Authors: Costas Iliopoulos, Jalil Mirza, Arfaat Shah
Conference Name: The First International Conference on Green Computing, Technology and Innovation (ICGCTI2013)
- Malaysia


A remote site can also go down completely due to an unmonitored/unattended air-conditioning system failure and the consequent failure of telecom equipment due to over-heating and/or burn-out. Such complete failures of the remote sites have occurred quite frequently due to long duration failure of electric power in the developing world. Telco has several stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) signed with government, corporate/business and other customers, the breach of which results in not only penalties, but also loss of revenue and reputation, there is a need to develop an autonomous system for such type of industries. Such catastrophic situations can be prevented if it is possible to monitor and control in real time all the system elements at the remote site. The Telematics System is a smart solution for unattended sites intelligently monitor and control some critical parameters without human interaction. It is equipped with sensor based technology, independent transmission media and control mechanism. The system records all the information about remotely monitored sites in the centralized computer database server for management and statistical analysis to enhance the SLA’s, improves equipment health and reduces energy cost.