Title: Tablets in the Classroom? Effective or a Distractive Engagement?

Year of Publication: Feb - 2016
Page Numbers: 25-33
Authors: Clement Sudhakar Swarnappa
Conference Name: The International Conference on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Computing Technologies (ICIISCT2016)
- Philippines


Today, social changes have made education inevitable and has been made possible at any time and place to the learner. The change in generation, challenges young and mature learners to cope up with the rapid developments and new technologies evolving from time to time. Change is difficult: it either leads to distraction or engagement. New Learning Management Systems (LMS) evolve, making it highly essential for teachers and learners to integrate mobile technology into their learning. Convenience, flexibility, engagement, interactivity and mobility are major factors that make learning more attractive to a learner. Though a wireless device in the classroom could threaten to distract student attention, on the positive side it also enhances student engagement. Research shows that mobile computing devices like the iPad are finding their way into classrooms in growing numbers. With schools of higher education permitting learners to be digitally active within the campus, the distribution of mobile technology “has an impact on teaching, learning and the connections between formal and informal learning, work and leisure”. This study summarises previous research and proposes a clear pathway into future research and planning for a New Trend Learning Environment (NTLE) for portable devices. Implementing such a solution is practically viable and should increase engagement and retention rates of learners of the 21st century and beyond. A framework is proposed to develop and implement a Multi-Media Learning System (MMLS) for portable devices to teach tertiary students in the school of Business and IT at WelTec.