Title: Support and Improvement of the Educational Process in Regional Education in Slovakia Through Tablet Classrooms

Year of Publication: Sep - 2016
Page Numbers: 71-78
Authors: Daniel Polcin, Hedviga Petruskova and Jacek Stando
Conference Name: The Third International Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Education Technologies (CSCEET2016)
- Poland


Today, the use of information and communication technologies and equipment is for teaching necessity. This fact is mainly due to the time in which we live and the progress that cannot be stopped. Therefore, teachers must lead students to use information and communication technologies and their correct use in life. We can say, that the innovations for schools are tablets. The article analyzes the current state of digitization of primary and secondary schools in the Slovak Republic. It deals with the national project: Digitization of the educational system of regional schools, running in 2013-2015, and with the introduction of electronic services in education in the educational process. It acquaints readers with the tasks and aims of digitization, it refers to the issue of interrelated projects: Planet of knowledge, Digital school, School on touch. At the end there is demonstration some suitable applications for teaching physics using various sensors supplied tablets with Android operating system and other applications suitable for teaching on tablets.