Title: Semantic Representation for Comparison of Performance Measurement Indicators

Year of Publication: Oct - 2015
Page Numbers: 35-43
Authors: Vanderlei Freitas Junior, Victoria Uren, Christopher Brewster, Alexandre Leopoldo Gonçalves
Conference Name: The International Conference on Semantic Web Business and Innovation (SWBI2015)
- Switzerland


Indicators are widely used by organizations as a way of evaluating, measuring and classifying organizational performance. As part of performance evaluation systems, indicators are often shared or compared across internal sectors or with other organizations. However, indicators can be vague and imprecise, and also can lack semantics, making comparisons with other indicators difficult. Thus, this paper presents a knowledge model based on an ontology that may be used to represent indicators semantically and generically, dealing with the imprecision and vagueness, and thus facilitating better comparison. Semantic technologies are shown to be suitable for this solution, so that it could be able to represent complex data involved in indicators comparison.