Title: Security Issues of Contemporary Multimedia Implementations: The Case of Sonos and SonosNet

Year of Publication: Dec - 2014
Page Numbers: 63-74
Authors: Stylianos P. Kavalaris , Emmanouil Serrelis
Conference Name: The International Conference in Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF2014)
- Greece


Exploiting vulnerabilities on multimedia devices and implementations that are made for Small Office Home Office (SOHO) environments induce new risk trends. This happens due to usability and user friendliness taking precedence over the security on these implementations, but also due to market expansion and propagation that introduces a vast number of such devices to almost any SOHO network. This paper aims to identify, explore and analyse vulnerabilities and related attacks on such environments, focusing on specific devices manufactured by Sonos, as a proof-of-concept case study. The applied research has been done in such a way that can also be used for other SOHO devices. Real tests and attacks have been applied, in order to demonstrate and verify the proposed methodologies, as well as to evaluate all related results and findings. Finally, countermeasures and solutions for the identified vulnerabilities are proposed and evaluated.