Title: Secure File Backup and Synchronization on Cloud Computing

Year of Publication: Jul - 2015
Page Numbers: 149-157
Authors: Abbas Mehdizadeh , Ike B. Adie, Wan Nor Al-Ashekin and Harlina Harun
Conference Name: The International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2015)
- Japan


Since the dawn of computers from the basic abacus to supercomputers, the age of computers catering to ones every need has always been a top priority. Computing has expanded from centralized to decentralized in which users are given the option of paying for services based on usage only. The traditional model follows in essence the days when companies managed their IT infrastructure on a local level. However as time progresses, companies are expanding their IT infrastructural capabilities by utilizing cloud computing to handle data more diversely. Although with the advent of cloud computing, the risk of losing data has become more prominent. Many companies intend to move their data towards the cloud due to cost savings attained. Nevertheless, the Internet is a quite tempting environment for cybercrime. Due to many loopholes within the servers in the cloud, companies are quite cautious due to the immense dreaded risk of security tampering. In this paper, the developer brings forth the vulnerabilities within cloud computing and elaborates on the risks within cloud storage. Research is conducted to analyze and find means to mitigate these risks by exploring the top cloud service providers. Each cloud service provider is compared to find the most suitable one in order to derive an architecture that will be employed to implement a secured cloud application.