Title: Risk Generating Situations of Requirement Engineering in Global Software Development

Year of Publication: Nov - 2013
Page Numbers: 221-233
Authors: Huma Hayat Khan , Mohd. Naz’ri Mahrin, Suriayati Chuprat
Conference Name: The Second International Conference on Informatics Engineering & Information Science (ICIEIS2013)
- Malaysia


Challenges of Requirements Engineering (RE) become adequate when it is performed in global software development (GSD) paradigm. “Risks” are the important elements for making RE more challenging. For having its in depth understanding, first there is a need to identify those factors which may generate risks during RE in GSD. Therefore a systematic literature review is done. The initial list leads to progressive enhancement for assisting in RE activities in GSD paradigm. This work is especially useful for the, less experience people working in GSD.