Title: Risk Analysis in Skype Software Security

Year of Publication: Dec - 2014
Page Numbers: 1-6
Authors: Afnan AlOmrani , Rasheed AlZahrani and Eyas ElQawasmeh
Conference Name: The International Conference in Information Security and Digital Forensics (ISDF2014)
- Greece


Skype software is considered as a common and important communication service that is used these days. This research aims to investigate the security issues related to the Skype. The unsolved issues in security will be discussed in this research and will be highlighted. This is done by explaining some ways used by attackers for Skype. The research conducted a survey where its results are presented and gave evidence about the concerns that are related to the Skype security. Also, some experiments in Skype will be presented. In addition, recommendations will be proposed to enhance the security level in Skype.