Title: Review of Frameworks in Requirement Engineering (RE)

Year of Publication: Sep - 2015
Page Numbers: 101-104
Authors: Gayatri Vijiyan
Conference Name: The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015)
- Malaysia


This paper focuses on analyzing and reviewing of frameworks in requirements engineering. The primary success of a framework depends on the purpose and the projected area in discovering for Requirements Engineering (RE). The process in requirement engineering consists of five distinct phases that are requirement elicitation, requirement analysis & negotiation, requirement documentation, requirements verification & validation and requirements management. Requirement Engineering has many distinct proposed solutions for the difficulties inherited and framework suggests possible ways to identify the solutions. Frameworks discussed in this paper are categorized into theoretical, practical and conceptual methods with distinct problems and techniques suggested from the review of literature of RE frameworks. The paper also presents issues for future research in RE frameworks.