Title: Research on The Risk of Tot Hydropower Project Based on Fuzzy Fault Tree

Year of Publication: Oct - 2015
Page Numbers: 40-48
Authors: Li Hou, Qian Chen
Conference Name: The International Conference on Organizational Strategy, Business Models, and Risk Management (OSBMRM2015)
- United Arab Emirates


The transfer–operate–transfer (TOT) financing mode is a maturing project financing mode that is widely used in the construction and operation of domestic and foreign large-scale projects. The current theoretical research and practical applications of this mode are in the exploration and innovation process. On the basis of the case of the W hydropower project, this study uses the Hall 3D structural model to identify the project risks and the fuzzy fault tree method to quantitatively assess the risks. The measures of the major risks of TOT projects are also given to provide reference value proposals to the project manager.