Year of Publication: 2012
Page Numbers: 359-363
Authors: Asma Al-Saidi
Conference Name: The International Conference on Computing, Networking and Digital Technologies (ICCNDT2012)
- Bahrain


Interactive distributed visualization is an emerging technology with numerous applications. However, many of the present approaches to interactive distributed visualization have limited performance since they are based on the traditional polygonal processing graphics pipeline. In contrast, image-based rendering uses multiple images of the scene instead of a 3D geometrical representation, and so has the key advantage that the final output is independent of the scene complexity, and depends on the desired final image resolution. These multiple images are referred to as the light field dataset. In this paper we propose a 3D visualization system, based on image-based rendering for efficiently transmitting visualization data to remote users/clients. This is achieved through applying Light field (LF) rendering and the resulted image is remotely sent from a central server to the user each time the user updates their viewing parameters. Furthermore, performance study shows that the proposed scheme outperforms the current local solution in terms of interactivity measured in frames per second.