Title: Relationship between Arrangements of Houses with Air-conditioners and Usage of Electric Power

Year of Publication: Jul - 2015
Page Numbers: 9-17
Authors: Hidetugu Suto, Terumi Yoshiki
Conference Name: The International Conference on Electronics and Software Science (ICESS2015)
- Japan


Usually, the outside temperature of a house increases when we use the air-conditioner because of the outdoor unit. Consequently, usage of electric power consumed in an area raises because neighbor houses also start using air-conditioners to keep the inside temperature. Influence of this phenomenon could depends on the arrangement of the houses in the area. Thus, relationship between arrangement of houses with air-conditioners and electric power usage of a target urban area is investigated. A house with air-conditioner and an outdoor unit is represented as a mathematical model, and multi-agent simulations has been conducted with the model in order to investigate the relationship between arrangement of houses and usage of electric power. Effective arrangements of houses and ineffective arrangements of houses has been found by using random search method. As a result, there is a significant difference between the two types of arrangements. It has also become clear that usage of electric power decreases when houses with low preset temperature get closer with each other, on the contrary, usage of electric power increases when they get far from each other.